Monday, September 26, 2011

stroller help

We were given a graco double stroller by a friend. I was so excited, and then we realized that it did not fit in the trunk of our '95 Honda Accord. I was able to get it in there, after much twisting and turning. lol SO my hubby and I took the girls out, it took me about 5 mintues to get the stroller out of the car. Our Peg Perego car seat does not fit on it and the stroller was impossible to steer. After 10 minutes with it, we decided we would put the baby in the sling and our toddler would walk. lol I ended up giving the stroller back to my friend b/c it just wasn't worth the hassle to take it in and out of the trunk. On top of which, nothing else fit in there.
Now we have a dilemma. We need a double stroller, a compact one. But I don't know which one. We can't spend too much. I found this jeep that I like, I'm pretty sure it'd fit in our trunk. And the best part, it can hold our peg perego car seat. Now, I really want a new car seat, a lighter one. BUT if we can fit our old car seat in this, then it saves us money. lol
So my question is, do any of you have one of these and can offer some feedback? OR is there another double stroller out there that is compact and could fit in the trunk of our little car? We'd like to keep the cost at around $200 or so.

The stroller we're considering.

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