Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I will survive

I keep hearing the song "I will survive" in my head... Being a mom of 2 is HARD! I know it's just a season and it'll pass. I know TONS of moms do it with 2 and more kids.. But right now I feel like I"m drowning a bit. Between my toddler, 1 month old, house work, very little sleep... I feel like I am not doing any of those things really well.. There is no schedule or order in my house. which I HATE! I like consistency, I NEED a schedule. And getting the baby on a set routine has been really hard for me to do this time around. We wake up whenever we wake up, then she just eats on demand. I WANT and NEED more of a schedule than that. I was going to attempt to do that this week, but it hasn't happened yet. I need to discipline myself to wake up at a specific/set time each day and set the girls schedules instead of letting them run the house. lol I feel stressed, depressed and all of the above. It's hard to get motivated when I'm so tired all the time.

Right now my toddler is watching Pingu (is there anything more annoying out there) and baby sister is sleeping happily in her swing. There is a HUGE pile of laundry that needs to be folded. I know that I need to get that done and want to get that done. But that would require moving from the couch and right now I have no desire to do so. lol Alas, let me get over it and feel like I've accomplished something.

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  1. I'm tired just reading this post. :) Maybe in anticipation of what my February 2012 will look like, but by then, you will have it all down pat and you'll be an old pro!
    just remember, chores WILL get done in time. And someone wise told me when Lucy was born, never underestimate the power of 15 minutes. When you feel overwhelmed or even exhausted but you want to cry when you look around at your house, take 15 minutes to complete a small task (starting a load of laundry, washing a few dishes, spraying down the bathroom) and then after 15 minutes, you will feel amazed and satisfied to have finished that task. Just a little tip that helped me and will surely help me again. Love you, E!