Monday, September 19, 2011


For the past few weeks or so we've really been struggling with getting baby sister to sleep. There were nights that she'd keep me up till 4-5 am.. When she wakes up to eat in the middle of the night and stays up for 2 hours. It's really hard and I've been beyond exhausted. Last Thursday night (among many nights) she'd fall asleep in my arms and whenever I'd put her in her pack and play she'd wake up. It happened 3 times and I was desperate for sleep. I noticed that her p-n-p had an indentation from where she laid. I was told by several friends that a pack and play is not that comfortable. SO my hubby and I came up with a new game plan starting on Friday. We were both tired of the sleepless nights.

Starting on Friday we made a few changes and things are getting better.
First, we took her pack and play out and put the crib in our room. So she's now sleeping in her crib.
Second, we are doing our best to keep her up through out the day.
Third, we put her in bed at 9:30.
Fourth, b/t 12-1 am I wake her up for a feeding and within 30 minutes she's back in bed. She wakes up again around 5-6 to eat, but then is up for 2 hours. I need to fix that one. lol
Fifth, we put a white noise maker in her crib
sixth, instead of feeding her every 3 hours, which wasnt working anyways, I'm doing it every 2 hours.

SO hopefully these changes will continue helping and soon she'll be able to sleep through the night. Right now I get about 5 straight hours of sleep, which is much better than before.

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