Sunday, September 4, 2011

1 month

On Sept 3rd, baby sister turned 1 month old. She has been such a blessing to our family.
She was born weighing 7.15 lbs and measuring 20". She was my tiny baby. Last week she saw the doctor and weighed 10 pounds. Yesterday I was looking at her and thought she just grew overnight. She looked huge all of a sudden, it's like she grew overnight. I decided to measure her, out of curiosity. Yesterday I measured her and got 23".. It surprised me that she grew 3" in 1 month, so today I measured her 4 more times. ha! It's VERY difficult to measure a wiggly baby. Today I got 21 1/2" and close to 22" each time. So I really have no idea! I think she's just under 22". She's nowhere near 23" so I have no idea where that came from yesterday. lol
At 1 month:
she wears size 1 diaper
has begun to wear 0-3, 3 month clothes.
Eats every 2-3 hours, at nights she can usually go 3-4 hours (some nights she'll do 2 hours)

She has the most beautiful dark blue/grey eyes. Her sister had the same color eyes, until she turned 1, now they are hazelish.. So as much as I LOVE blue eyes, baby sister's eyes will probably change too...

I LOVE taking pictures, especially of my girls.. Here's some pictures of baby sister's 1 month photoshoot:

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