Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wordless wednesday

We're going to a special place soon :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

busy, tired, stressed...

So having 2 kids is more overwhelming than I ever thought. I haven't been able to get much done lately, other than taking care of kids. I am not complaining at all, I love motherhood. I love my girls. I am exhausted. Baby girl still hasn't been sleeping through the night. She is whiny and clingy and loves being with her mama. I love it! :) BUT it makes getting anything done very difficult. I have been trying to get back to crafting, and it has not worked out. Anytime I try to do any sewing or anything, one or both kids need me. The house hasn't been properly cleaned, I barely ever cook dinner. I've been struggling to adjust to having 2 kids. I love it, but it is the most overwhelming and exhausting job. It's also the most rewarding. My oldest comes to me randomly and says "mommy I love you so much" and my baby flashes me a big grin just out of the blue. I love it! It totally melts my heart.

I look forward to when I feel normal again. I haven't felt like myself in months, I have a hard time finding energy and motivation. I know it's just for a time. I love watching my girls grow and I know soon they won't be little anymore. So I gotta take advantage of all the special moments. :)

The other day, big sis asked to hold baby sister and it was the sweetest sight EVER! Baby sister just loves her big sis and was all smiles. Talk about making a mama's heart melt with joy! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

stressful times

I just realized that I haven't blogged in a while. There has been a lot of stress in this house. Baby has been having a rough time sleeping, her naps are sporadic and extremely short. She has been restless and clingy and fussy.. More so than usual. We started giving her gripe water, which helped calm her down some. Though the task of giving her the gripe water is really interesting b/c she HATES it. So today we had her 2 month check up. Doctor said she has "silent reflux".. Basically she has reflux, where it goes up her throat, then back down, but nothing ever comes out of her mouth. So we'll start zantac as soon as I pick up the prescription from the pharmacy. I couldn't pick it up today, after her appt (she got shots) she was beside herself so we just came home.
I haven't been able to get anything done, the house is a mess, laundry has piled up, I haven't cooked... I could let it stress me out, which it does a bit. BUT I know that this is just a season, my babies are growing fast, so I'll spend this time with them, enjoying them. The house will be spotless again someday. When baby sister and I are awake for 2+ hours in the middle of the night, I no longer get upset b/c I'm tired.. Instead we cuddle on the couch and I get sweet smiles. It's the only time we get to be alone, so I want to enjoy it. :) So for now, I will be a mom, and do what I can and have to for my babies. My toddler has also gotten clingy b/c she never gets me to herself. It's kinda bittersweet b/c it was always the 2 of us for so long, I miss my time alone with her as much as she does. I do what I have to do to keep up with the house, but it's far from perfect. And I DON"T CARE! lol

For other news. Baby sister is a "beast" as daddy put it. At 10 weeks, she weighs 13 lbs and is 24 1/2 inches long. I could hardly believe it. Her sister was big at that age, but she was 11 lbs and 23 inches. Can you believe it!? Hubby and I keep wondering how we make such big babies. lol My toddler is skinny and tall. She's got the longest legs and I love it. Baby sister is a chub, I had no idea she was SO tall. She's got short stubby legs, so I guess she's just tall in general. lol I love my girls and they are perfect! That's how God made them. :)

I leave you with the cutest little girls ever!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall decorating

I LOVE fall! As I've mentioned before :) I have been working on a wreath for my door for the past 2 weeks. It took me longer than I thought, but it's done and hanging on my door. I went to Target with the girls today and went nuts over the decorations. I bought a "BOO" sign and black cat for my porch. It was in the $1 section, thought it was cute. I keep wanting to decorate the house b/c my daughter loves it. Next year I want to go BIG on the halloween decorations, b/c she loves halloween.

The wreath I made for fall. It was easy to make, just time consuming.

I put this on our front porch, I fell in love with the cat. :)

The front of our house. Simple, but cute.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday - Etsy finds

Having 2 girls means 2 times the dresses, bows, frillies :) I spend a lot of time looking on etsy for fun things I can get for them. While looking around etsy for girl clothes, I found such a cute shop with beautiful smocked outfits for boys and girls. White Daisys Creations has beautiful and unique outfits for your little ones.

This is perfect for Christmas time. And I just love the monogramming :)

I love everything about this one, the style, colors, the ladybugs..

perfect for that little boy in your life! I love this fabric!

There are tons more of adorable outfits in her shop! Please visit White Daisys Creations, tell her BOWquet sent you!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


This weekend hubby and I took the kids out for some shopping. We went to 2 of my favorite places, Joann's and Michaels. :) We had some coupons so we got some fall decorations for the house, I had been wanting some scarecrows for the front yard, so we got a "couple" :) I think they're so cute. Now that I put them up, I wish I had gotten more...