Monday, September 12, 2011

mini van

My dream car has always been a Ford Mustang. When we first got married, I had a Scion TC, sports car. My hubby hates mustangs. lol Now that we have kids, my dream car has changed, I WANT a mini van :) After my first daughter was born, I started wanting one. Now that we have a 2nd daughter, I want one even more. Now that we are going out more often w/ 2 kids, I am realizing more and more the need for a van. I drive a honda accord. My first problem w/ that is that there is NO backseat now that it's been overtaken by 2 carseats. Then, we cannot fit a double stroller in the trunk. Also, there is no room in the car for anything else, so if we ever go shopping or go on a trip, packing will be minimum. Putting or taking out 2 kids from the car is a hassle when I am alone. It takes me forever! lol

All of those "problems" are annoying and makes me want a van even more. BUT we refuse to have car payments if we can avoid it. So, for now we have to make do w/ what we have. And I am thankful that we have 2 cars w/ no payments. 10 months ago we only had 1 car. lol

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  1. I completely understand! I had a subaru outback that I LOVED, but I knew that I needed a 7 passenger car when it died. However, I didn't plan on it dying while I was pregnant...I was hoping I could put off getting a new car until our baby was a couple of years old. Apparently somebody else had different plans so when my car died we went ahead and got a van-which I LOVE-but I don't love that we have car payments again :(