Wednesday, March 28, 2012

wordless wednesday

waiting for her mani/pedi to dry :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

new toy

I think I'd posted on here before that almost 4 years ago hubby bought me a sewing machine. He bought it as a surprise, didn't know anything about brands, so I ended up with a brother. It was a good first machine, simple and easy to use. But it quickly started giving me problems. Sewing became a nightmare and I avoided the machine. My sewing buddies kept insisting I get a new one.
SO this year hubby told me I could choose a new machine. It took a LONG time, many fb surveys, many review searches, but I finally got one! I went with singer and I LOVE it!!! Now I haven't done any projects with it, but I have sewn for practice. :)
Sewing with a singer is SO different than a brother. I compare it to buttering toast w/ frozen butter (the brother) and soft butter (the singer). haahaha

The singer has top loading bobbin which is FABULOUS! and automatic needle threader. It is AMAZING!!!!!

Once we're done w/ spring cleaning, I'll be sewing like crazy! :)

Friday, March 23, 2012


Baby sister has been teething like crazy. Her first tooth came about a week after she turned 6 months. It meant several AWFUL nights of sleep. Then came the 2nd tooth, both in the bottom... Last weekend, she was up literally ALL night, it was awful, she couldn't sleep and was in so much pain... Sunday her first top tooth broke through. Can you see those? lol
Her 2nd top one looks like it'll come out soon!

And I just wanted to share a picture of big sis ;) Isn't she so pretty? She is definitely a handful! We love her personality and are trying to work with it.. lol

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

I love this picture! :)

Monday, March 19, 2012


7 1/2 months ago, this little beauty was born. She changed my world forever and I just love her to pieces. When she came out (I had a c-sec) I couldn't immediately see her, so once my doctor said "she's out" my first question was, "does she have hair?" He said "a head full of black hair". I was so excited b/c my first daughter was so bald. lol So she was finally placed in my arms and I was in love.

They of course took her to the nursery and then I had to get stitched up and placed in recovery for an hour. Then I was taken to my room. They brought baby sis to me and I finally got to just hold her and stare at her. I LOVED her black hair and then I noticed, the thing that makes her unique. On her left side, she has blonde sideburns. It is SO cute, and I just love it! I then just stared at that blonde little patch and looked at her eyes. Her left eyebrow and eyelashes are also blonde. When she was a newborn, it looked like she didn't have any hair on that side. lol Now it's more noticeable, but the blonde is still totally there. I LOVE it and love how unique it makes her. I've had several family members point out that she'll hate it when she's older and blah blah... My answer is "this is how God made her and I absolutely LOVE it" :) I hope she loves it too. Now I will say that it does make for some interesting close up shots. ;) But she's still my little beauty! Her auntie says she's like Rogue (from x men).

Can you see it? ;)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Egg hunt

This past weekend we took the girls on an Easter Egg hunt. I made the girls dresses and thought they looked adorable. :)

Mommy and the girls

So beautiful!
Baby girl's first egg hunt!
Mommy's beautiful baby girl
Big sis' first "official" egg hunt :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh brother...

About 4 years ago my sweet hubby wanted to surprise me for my birthday and gave me a sewing machine. I had been wanting a sewing machine, I was 7 months pregnant and had just become a housewife :) I wanted a new hobby. So hubby came home w/ a basic model brother sewing machine. I was so excited and began sewing right away. My first project was a blanket for hubby. Since then I have had nothing but problems w/ my machine. It's just gotten worse and worse. I can't use any colored thread, only white. The thread knots up, or it comes unthreaded from the needle mid project, the fabric gathers and so much more. It's become such a PAIN!
I've been looking for a new machine but can't decide on one. Anyways, this week I set out to make 2 dresses, one for each girl. My machine had been almost unusable. I was able to finish the first dress with a few problems and frustrations, but tonight I worked on the 2nd dress. Oh my word, there were tears, sweat, prayers, frustrations, anger, agony, defeat and so much more. I gave up, and restarted many times through out the day. Finally tonight I got the machine to work again and finished the dress. It has some mistakes in it, mainly b/c of the machine crapping out on me. BUT no matter, it is done, and thankfully pillowcase dresses are forgiving. :) No one will be looking that close anyways.
This will be the last project on my brother, as I will be getting a new machine this week. :)

My girls ended up with 3 Easter dresses this year. My sister gave them a gorgeous torquoise dress, then my mother in law gave them a really pretty flower print dress that will be perfect for the spring season. Both dresses could be worn for church on Easter, it's hard to pick. lol
Then I made the above dress, just for them to wear out and stuff. :) I loved the Easter bunny print, and they have a matching bunny bow ;)

Pretty models

I've really been into making headbands lately. I think they are so elegant and pretty! It's a great accessory for those special outfits. These past few weeks I've combined some of my skills to make these headbands; I make them, photograph them with my beautiful models then edit them on photoshop. :) All my favorite things to do!!

One of a kind pretty white headband! Fits most infants, perfect for that Easter/spring outfit :) This one is listed at $15.50 plus shipping!

One of a kind headband, listed at $16.50 plus shipping. This will be a great accessory to many outfits :)

More will be coming! :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Last week baby sister went on the swing for the first time! :) Big sis loved pushing her!

Think she enjoyed it?! :)

My gorgeous girl!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Yo Yo

Lately I've been in love with making yo yo flowers. They're so fun to make and looks so cute when they're done! I love coming up with fabric color combinations and putting it all together.
What do you think?

This treasure map is listed for $12 plus shipping.

Pink zebra is listed at $10 plus shipping.

I've made more, just need to list it.. Keep a look out ;)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

eating healthy

We've been trying to eat healthier in my house. We always eat so much junk, so thanks to skinnytaste, I've found lots of yummy recipes that I've been trying. I'm still working to find some breakfast variety, but we're getting there. lol
I know I've lost weight recently, which I'm not overly trying to lose weight, just wanting to be healthier.
It's hard to eat healthy w/ a toddler in the house. She sees green in her food and her automatic response is "yuck I can't like it"... lol BUT I did get her to eat brocolli last week! She eats more fruit than veggies, but she's gotten somewhat picky w/ that too. SO we make "milkshakes" like 3-4 times a week. It's kiwi, strawberry and sometimes banana. I add the fruits, low fat yogurt and ice. It's such an amazing snack for us! And we all love it. I was thinking of adding some spinach or something to it to give to my daughter so she gets some veggies. But the milkshake can't be green, so I'm not sure if that'd work. lol

Something that I've started that has taken some stress off me, is planning all my meals for the week ahead of time. I plan my meals and then get my groceries over the weekend. I start the week with fresh fruits/veggies and a full arsenal of foods. I usually end up trying to cook 3 crock pot meals a week, b/c I don't always feel like cooking. lol And I LOVE my crockpot! It's taken a lot of stress off me to do our meals this way. We've been eating out less and eating a lot healthier. Plus I'm enjoying trying out new recipes!

2kute's birthday

For those who don't know, 2kute is my mom. :) The 28th was her birthday. My sister and I got some pizza, salad, cake and we went to her house to celebrate.
My daughter has been waiting for Nana's birthday for a month. We went to the store and got some roses for nana, then my toddler wanted to get plates, cups, napkins... She wanted to buy a ton of celebration decorations, it was so cute. I let her pick some things, because she was having so much fun planning Nana's birthday. :) I'll leave her in charge of party planning from now on ;)

Some decorations my daughter picked out. Sadly at some point in the party she was playing w/ nana's balloon with her big cousin and the thing popped. lol

2kute's favorite flowers are roses, so we got her some...

My sis made a low fat chocolate cake. It was SO good!

The older grandchildren helping blow out the candles :)