Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Play Time

Lately my daughter has really enjoyed playing in her playroom. She takes out her babies and favorite stuffed toys and makes them dinner. It's so cute! She also likes to put her babies in their stroller and go on a walk.
Since being pregnant and recovering, tv has become our best friend. It's sad, but true. So this week I've started leaving the TV off and setting up more playtime. I call it "boot camp". I've created a more structured day for her, divided in 30 minute increments. Every half hour we switch activities. I'm still working out some kinks but I'm very excited. I have myself, my daughter and the baby in boot camp. :) I am trying to get baby on a schedule and I want to make sure I spend enough time with both kids and have time to clean the house. I will post my schedule once the kinks are worked out. :)
And for other moms of toddlers out there, what are some arts and crafts that you do with your kids? I'd love some ideas b/c I am not exactly sure what to do with my daughter in that department.


  1. I was at ACMoore this weekend and they had foam wreaths in the shape of pumpkins and turkeys for kids to decorate. I got two for my little cousins-they're really cute! I figure they can either color on them with markers or put stickers on them and then I can hang them up as decorations :)