Saturday, July 30, 2011

waiting and waiting...

Today I went out and ran some errands. It was nice to be able to make my stops alone, big sister stayed home w/ daddy. I went to my favorite place, Target. :) Then went to the grocery store. I am stocking up on things, or trying to stock up before baby comes. I am 38.2 weeks pregnant today... We are just waiting. I had a "good" night's sleep last night, only woke up twice. lol The night before I woke up every hour. I did wake up today in a lot of discomfort. The bottom of my feet hurt, making it difficult to walk. I have some very mild cramps, very mild and sporadic contractions, pain in places I didn't know existed. BUT with all that said and done, I am very happy that baby sister is staying put and I will miss my fat belly. lol I love feeling her move around and will miss it. BUT I am SO looking forward to seeing her for the first time and holding her. I think what excites me the most is to see my daughter meet her sister. She keeps asking for her and it's so cute.

I am dreading the hospital stay. I have NEVER been apart for long from my daughter. I've always been here to put her in bed, I will miss it so much! She will be staying home at night with daddy, during the day she'll be with friends and family. That makes me feel better, knowing she'll be home with daddy. But I already miss her so much. It hit me today how weird it will be that my husband will be going to bed alone. I've never been gone. lol He has gone out of town, but I never have.
I know once I have my baby is in my arms I'll feel much better and my worries will be gone.

Friday, July 29, 2011


When we found out we were expecting another girl, we decided they'd share a room that way we'd still have the office for my husband and I to use. With that in mind, I couldn't keep 2 girls in one room plus all the toys. Thankfully our small house has a front sunroom, which I turned into a playroom. It was a fun room to decorate and it's almost finished. In fact it's just missing an "S" and and "J" that my sister got them for the wall. I've only taken a few pictures of the room with my cell phone, I'll take more when I get the chance.

I've been waiting to have the room cleaned before I took anymore pictures, but let's face it, it's a playroom, there is no "clean" :)

When I started thinking about the room, I knew I wanted a big area rug b/c the room is cement floors. I found this at Target and fell in love with the colors and the alphabet. I was so excited. So the rest of the room is based on this rug.

Looking into from the dining room

Left side of playroom

I found this painting at Target and fell in love. It matched the rug! Underneath it is her toy shelf.

Toy shelf. I love storing her toys in the bins.

Right corner of room.

I saw a playroom online that had the letters and said "playtime". I knew I wanted it. My sister got these on etsy to match the colors of the room, I LOVE LOVE them!!! My sister got them from ashleenicole84. Her shop is so cute and full of beautiful letters! Check her out!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today I am 38 weeks. These past few weeks have been hard on me, I'm exhausted and just have the "done" feeling. However, my doctor is out of town until the 1st, so I can't hope to go into labor. lol I want him to deliver her, he's been my doctor for over a decade, so it's special to me to have him there. :)

I've been having contractions on and off, but nothing extreme or to cause alarm. I'm in pain, discomfort, and just ready. I will miss being pregnant. I keep looking at my belly, watching it dance as baby sister moves, I'll miss it. BUT I am looking forward to holding my sweet girl and watching big sister take on her new role.

My heartburn has been the same. Some days are better than others. I have to watch what I eat and am careful b/c if I eat the wrong thing, I suffer all night. Some of you may remember that at 31 weeks I ended up in the hospital w/ dehydration and contractions 1 minute apart. Ever since then I haven't been eating that much. I eat 2 meals a day, my body can't handle more than that. It's usually lunch and dinner. Lunch is my biggest meal. I usually don't eat what I cook for dinner, I live off sandwiches. lol I actually haven't really cooked in over a week. I've been so nauseous I just haven't felt like looking at food. My hubby has been so good at just eating whatever, he's awesome!

Nothing else is going on... My daughter the other day wanted the baby to come out so they could play. It was so cute. :) I cannot wait to see them together.

I love seeing 2 carseats in our backseat :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

clock is ticking

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I are sitting on the couch watching her new favorite, angelina ballerina. I am fighting some nausea thanks to this cursed heartburn. Daddy is taking a nap.
I sit here with the number 37.3 staring me in the face. I can't believe how close we are. It seems like we just found out we were expecting again. We kept our pregnancy a secret for over 2 weeks because we wanted to tell our family on Christmas day.

Anyways, yesterday I went crazy nesting mode. We had my inlaws come and hang out for a while. My sister in law is the master of putting together stuff. When I had big sister, my sis in law put together our high chair and toy box. Yesterday when she was here, she took apart the car seat and washed it for me, then put it back together. I had started taking it apart but got overwhelmed. That type of stuff is not my forte. lol So the carseat is all nice and clean and I went ahead and installed it in the car. It's weird to see 2 car seats in the backseat. I did manage to take apart the swing and both bouncy seats, washed it and put it back together. :) To be honest, even though this is my 2nd child, I honestly did not know that I could take that stuff apart and wash. lol I'm excited to use my double stroller, and big sister loves sitting in it. lol

I also set up the pack and play last night. I was nervous to do that, but am glad I did. It ended up that it's missing 2 parts, 1 to hold up the bassinet part, and 1 that holds up the changing pad part. Thankfully a friend has the parts and is no longer using it, so she's giving it to me. :)
I think it needs more pink in there! ;)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

bad weekend/good weekend

Today is Saturday, I am 37.2 weeks pregnant. We are trying to get everything ready for baby girl's arrival. Daddy's version of nesting is to sod the front yard. lol Our sod was supposed to be delivered this morning, but they called early and said they couldn't deliver b/c their machine broke. So it won't be delivered till Wednesday.. :( Add to that on Friday we were supposed to get our maternity/family pictures done but it rained all night so no pictures... When we woke up today it just felt like nothing was going right... BUT the weekend turned around, our family came over to visit for a while. My sister in law helped me wash the car seat, it looks brand new! We all had lunch together at firehouse, yum! My daughter got to play with her cousin, who is 18 months younger. It's so cute to watch them play together.

Right now my mother in law and hubby are leveling out our front yard and preparing it for the sod that will come later in the week. I'm sitting on the couch thinking about baby girl's arrival, thinking about what she'll look like... I am still dreading leaving big sister for 3 days, but she'll be in safe hands w/ daddy. I feel like all we're doing is waiting. lol Right now I really want to set up the pack and play, but I'm scared. I keep thinking that once it's set up then she will make an early arrival. lol

Here I am, first pregnancy 35 weeks vs second pregnancy 36 weeks

Thursday, July 21, 2011

WOW 37!

I have disappeared from blogging this week. I'm so exhausted these days and have not been up to blogging. lol I haven't even thought of any posts.. We've been prepping the house for baby's arrival, hubby is working hard on the yard so it can look nice. All we really have left is to set up the pack and play and the car seat. I've had 2 lovely showers, gotten awesome gifts! I've washed all her 0-3 month clothes and everything is set up. I was nesting like crazy last week. This week, I am just plain exhausted! I can't sleep, my back is killing me and the heartburn, argh! I've been seeing my doctor weekly, which I hate. lol It's hard b/c I've been taking my toddler w/ me. It will all be over soon. :)

I still can't believe we're at 37 weeks. How insane is that!? We are getting anxious and excited to meet our sweet girl. Her big sister is very excited. The other day she asked me if I could make baby sister come out so they could play. lol Isn't that sweet? I told her we have to wait for the doctor to take sister out. lol

Our hospital bags are packed! I need to buy some snacks and stuff for my toddler for when she comes to visit. I've bought her some new toys, they are hidden. lol I've got my toddler's clothes ready and ironed for the days I'm in the hospital, the babysitters are lined up. :) So thankful for friends and family that are willing to watch my baby girl while I'm laid out in the hospital. I've been very emotional and stressed about leaving my baby girl for 3 days. We have NEVER been apart and I'm dreading it so much!!! I just want those 3 days to be over with so I can be at home w/ both my girls... My husband and sister keep saying that it'll be fine, I know it will be, but I'm still dreading it and I really hope it's not awful...

For something else, have you tried the McDonald's mango/pineapple smoothie? I've been dying to try it, but have never had a chance to get it. Those are 2 of my favorite fruits! Tonight hubby wanted to get me a treat, he offered me starbucks. Well, I can't have coffee, it makes me so sick. But then he came home with this smoothie, it is SO SO SO good. I finished it and wanted more. My daughter also loved it, I gave her a sip. ;) Baby sister had a party with it too. lol I may be hitting McDonald's again this week for more!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Fun gifts

I had a blast in my shower. I spent all week posting about things I got from etsy.. Here are some gifts from sweet friends. I can't wait till my baby girl gets here and uses all her new stuff :)

My friend Lauren gave me this cute seahorse. It lights up and plays music. Big sister has been playing w/ it and keeping it safe for her baby sister. :)

Pretty dress from the girls nona (my mother in law).

My mom (Nana) got me this burp cloth from etsy. She also made baby sister some really cute shoesies, I still need to take a picture of it.

My best friend made this beautiful sheet for the crib. The girls room is toile, I still can't believe she found this fabric, isn't it gorgeous?!

My friend Dani made and sent several gifts for both my girls. Baby sister got a pretty pink zebra print blanket, this lemon fabric burp cloth and a teething ring. I can't wait to have baby girl use it. Big sister got some really cute jewelry that plays the Little Mermaid song and she LOVES it!!! :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

36 weeks!

WOW! I'm 36 weeks. We are seriously in the countdown mode. CRAZY!!! Hubby and I are both anxious and excited. :) We're getting stuff ready and making plans for everything.

I saw my doctor earlier this week, in 5 weeks I only gained 1/2 a pound. :) I told my doctor, with all the bad heartburn I've been having, I haven't had much of an appetite. My morning sickness comes at night. So my biggest meal is usually lunch. I don't usually have dinner, or if I do, it's very small. Thankfully baby sister is still growing strong and measuring right on target. :) And she's head down now! My doc said that if I were to go into labor at any point now that he'll just take the baby, there's no point in stopping the labor. Kinda scary but exciting. I never went into labor w/ my first daughter, so I am not overly worried about this one. lol Though this pregnancy has been very different. I feel fine, no contractions or anything. I've been taking it easy and slowly getting the house ready. I've been VERY tired and sleep is very hard for me. Other than that, I'm fine.

As I've written in previous posts, I had a baby shower this past weekend. It was awesome! :) When I found out I was pregnant, I told my sister I really wanted a cute, monogrammed diaper bag. I never got to have one w/ my first daughter and I really "needed" it this time. :) So then my sister went on the hunt on etsy and found me this gorgeous bag! I cannot wait to carry it around. :) She got it from Little Happys.

I love my bag! Go check out Little Happys for bags and more... She has tons of cute stuff!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby shower cont.

This past weekend, my sister threw me my first baby shower. It was perfect!!!
My sis did such a wonderful job w/ everything, it's hard to pick just 1 favorite thing. She got each grandmother and I cute coffee mugs. I LOVE them!!! Aren't they so cute? She got them from My cutie tootie

The coffee bar all set up...

Aren't they so cute?!

My mug, in all my favorite colors!! :)

I had yummy iced coffee in my mug :)

My cutie tootie has tons of beautiful personalized items, such as; mugs, tumblers, glassware and so much more!!! Check out her cuteshop, tell her BOWquet sent you :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Shower #1

This past weekend my sister threw me an awesome shower! I was so overwhelmed by all the beautiful gifts I got and she did a great job decorating! When I asked her where she got the decorations and my gifts, she had 1 answer: ETSY! :)

The table with the wonderful food. My favorite part was the centerpiece. It's a beautiful diaper cake that I will be sad to take apart.. For now it's still in my dining room :) It's too pretty to take apart. Check out Oh Baby! Diaper cakes for lots of cute diaper cakes!!!

See, this cake is just too cute to take apart. My toddler keeps walking by it and asking to eat some. hahaha

Here I am with my hostess! :) I am the one on the right...

For cute diaper cakes, check out Oh Baby! Diaper cakes. You can find her on etsy and facebook.

Click here for etsy.
Click here for her facebook page.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Mommy's Big Girl

We have about a month or so to go before baby sister's arrival. So tonight, with my dad's help, we got baby girl's new mattresses and set up her new big girl bed. She is both excited and I think a bit nervous to sleep in her big girl bed. She is surrounded by pillows, just in case. lol She kept asking for her old bed, which is still in her room. It's set up as a toddler bed, but we are converting it back to a crib for baby sister. So now begins the process of teaching her that's baby sister's bed. She seemed ok-ish with it.

So here's the bed set up. Daddy did such a good job staining this bed. He stained it twice b/c I didn't like the first color. lol Such a good husband to put up w/ my insanities.

Here's her bed all made up. I love the toile bedding. It's so dainty and girly. :) I can't wait to teach her how to make up her bed.

The theme in their room is Toile, which I LOVE! I used it for baby girl's room, and it'll stay that way now that the girls will share a room.
My husband, the artist, drew these pictures for me to match the room. I told him if he drew it, I'd paint it. I figured it'd be easy to trace the pencil lines with pink paint. I was so nervous at first, but enjoyed painting it. And the best part was getting to do a project with my hubby. :) I came up with the idea of doing 1 big picture, but in 4 canvases..

All done...

Thursday, July 7, 2011


35 weeks today. Yikes! Can you believe it? I sure can't!!! I am so excited, I have my first baby shower this weekend and I'm so excited! I still can't believe that in about a month I'll be holding my baby girl. It seems like it was just yesterday that we found out we were expecting.

We're still not ready. I think by the weekend we'll have big sister's bed ready for her. I will be ordering her mattress today and getting her sheets tomorrow. She already has her comforter set. She is so excited for her big girl bed. :) I have the pack and play in our room, but it's not set up yet. I know we have time for that, even if we do it when we get home from the hospital. I also need to wash her clothes, but I will be doing that after the baby shower. I'm so excited to get everything set up.

Up till last week, I was not mentally and emotionally prepared for her arrival. In fact, I was freaking out! But these past few days I have been getting more and more excited about her arrival. I can't wait to hold her for the first time. The only reason I am dreading her arrival is b/c I will be away from my daughter. She and I have never been apart and I'm going to miss her like crazy. But hopefully those days will go by fast and we'll all be home together, our brand new family of 4. :)

I still haven't been eating much, I got a prescription for zantac, so that's helped me be able to eat a bit more normal. But there are still things that make me sick. I'm drinking water and gatorade like crazy. I'm always so thirsty. And always so exhausted. I feel like I never rest enough, I wake up in the middle of the night very uncomfortable and can't go back to sleep. I guess I should get used to it b/c I won't be sleeping a lot once the baby comes. lol

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

After putting away 6+ loads of laundry, I made up my bed. Within a few minutes, my toddler added her own special touch. lol

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blogger United Featured Artist

This weeks featured artisan is Ruth - RSS Designs in Fiber! Beautiful Creations! You can find
RSS Designs in Fiber on:


You can't see the captions, but the left side says "My day yesterday" and right side says "My day today"

Yesterday was a great day. I'll have to do a post later w/ pictures. We went to the beach with my family and had a great time. But today, hubby is back to work and I am back to household duties. bleh I HAVE to fold laundry, but I so don't want to. I've been sitting at the computer for about 40 minutes now avoiding laundry. lol

Friday, July 1, 2011


If there is one thing my daughter loves, it's rain. She gets so excited and begs to play in it... I don't let her play in the rain though. lol A couple days ago it rained a lot here, lots of thunder and lightning.. I found her sitting on the back of the couch, staring out of our big window. She begged me to play outside, but b/c the lightning was so bad, I didn't feel safe. I really would've let her go, b/c I know she'd have a blast, but not w/ lightning. She then asked me to get her a brown umbrella. lol I told her we'll look for one.. For whatever reason, her favorite color is brown and sometimes black.. I think it's hilarious b/c black is my favorite color. :)

BTW has anyone realized that it's July!?!?! WOW!!!! Can I have a minute to freak out. lol