Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nighttime woes

Well, baby sister is 6 weeks old, I thought by now she'd start getting the whole night/day thing straightened out. I had my other daughter sleeping through the night by 9 weeks.
Right now the problem I have with baby sister is that we put her in bed b/t 12-1 am, after a feeding, then I go to bed. Well, she'll wake up after 4 hours to eat, but won't go back to sleep. She'll stay up for 2-3 hours for no reason at all. Or she'll want to cluster feed during those awake hours, but then get mad while she's eating. It's so weird. This week, we've had 3 nights where she woke up for her 12 am feeding and stayed up for 4-5 hours straight. Cranky, whiny, eating, but not eating, fighting sleep. It was horrible! Someone mentioned that it could be that I'm drinking too much caffeine. I drink a lot of tea and coke through out the afternoon. Last night I actually had coffee at 6 pm, not even thinking about the caffeine. SO today I am avoiding caffeine. I am having a cup of coffee right now, but that will be it.

Other than that, I have no idea what her deal is. I know yesterday she slept too much during the day, I tried everything to wake her, and it was impossible. Today I will try harder. lol

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