Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Beach Day!

Yesterday the hubby and I packed up our things and took our toddler to the beach. She loves to run around the sand and water. It's so fun to watch her play!!!!
It was a gorgeous day and we were sad to go. But the sun was bright and I felt myself just baking under that sun. And I'm naturally dark skinned. I was concerned for my daughter (I call her my white girl) b/c I did not want her to get burnt. The sunscreen we bought for her did it's job and she's fine. Mommy on the other hand has red arms and shoulders. lol

Such a gorgeous day!!!

Having a blast!

Walking w/ daddy...

Friday, April 23, 2010

Juicy watermelon

Here's my latest! Perfect for summer time! It's on a stretchy headband. If you'd like it as a bow instead, convo me!
Check out the headband here. Only $5!!!

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We finally took our daughter to the zoo, she had a blast! :) We got to feed the giraffes and touch sting rays.
I took 160 pictures that day, but I won't bore you w/ all of them. lol

Feeding the giraffes...

Looking at some bird.

I touched a sting ray, it felt so gross.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Just for laughs...

I thought this was cute.. If only it were that easy :)

Diary of A House Husband

This week I am at home & playing house husband. My wife left a list of things I need to do. This is soooooo easy I thought I would share it with you.

1). Make the beds......
What a waste of effort, we're only going to sleep in them again tonight. Forget that.
Scratch one.

2). Pick up dog poop in yard.......
It snowed last night, I don't see any dog poop, kids do you see any dog poop?
Scratch two.

3). Drop your shirts off at the cleaners.......
Duhh I'm on vacation I don't need them.
Scratch three.

This is easy, what's the fuss.
Think I'll go on the computer for a while.

4). Clean out Tupperware cabinet.......
Uhhhh that's a hard one. GOT IT, velcro on the door will keep them closed.
Scratch four.

5). Mop kitchen floor.....
The dog licked up that sugar spill from breakfast, floor looks clean to me.
Scratch five.

Good doggie go play in the yard. She just loves rolling in the snow.

6). Find something fun for the kids to do.....
That tin foil in the microwave thing was kinda fun.
Scratch six.

This is way too easy I'll have lots of time for the computer

7). Vacuum the carpets......
That's a hard one.......
Hey kids wanna have some more FUN.
Scratch seven.

8). Feed kids lunch.....
Hey kids, don't you have a friends house to go too?
YESSSS Scratch eight !!

9). Clean out hallway closet......
Hmmmm another hard one. That's it, take enough out of the closet to close the door. Outta sight outta mind. Hmmmm this other stuff can go under a bed.
Scratch nine.

Boy O Boy am I good, lunch time. Pour some chili into the cracker bag & eat. Taaa daaa no lunch dishs

10). Do laundry.....
no problem I can do that while I'm on the computer
Scratch ten.

11). Fold laundry.....
dang Ya know I never noticed how many pink things this family actually wears. Gonna have to ask da little lady why she buys me pale pink underwear?? Check this out a cashmere barbie sweater, cool.
Scratch eleven.

12) Put the laundry away....
Baskets in bedrooms work for me.
Scratch twelve.

This is way too easy. Wonder why women always complain about house work???

13). Water the Christmas tree...
Oop's!... good thing the carpet is absorbent.
Scratch thirteen.

14). Grocery shopping, Buy toilet paper.......
These old newspapers will do, besides, that's recycling & that's good for the earth....
Scratch fourteen.

15). Pick up the kids ......
Yeah right; we're talking about my kids here. Parents will normally pay to drop them back off.
They'll be back. Scratch fifteen.

Wonder who's on the computer. I have plenty of time.

16). Make dinner.....
Easy, "Hello do you deliver ? uhhh double that, Ya know we will need more dinner tomorrow".
Scratch sixteen.

17). Clean out the dog house......
duhh the dog sleeps in our bed, Like that needs to be done.
Scratch seventeen.

WOW all done. Man this is sooooo easy. Still time for some more puter and a nap..... Women must complain about house work just to make us guys think they're working.

Wish I was a chick !

BTW I made a treasury, come check it out:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Locks of Love

I've been letting my hair grow out, and finally got it cut today! :) I've donated my hair 2 times before to locks of love, and today got a combined total of 28 inches chopped off an plan to send it to Locks of Love. I have really thick hair that grows super fast, so I like to grow it out and cut it to be put to good use. :)

Before shot

After shot. The 2 pony's combined is 24 inches. After the haircut, I lost a combined total of 28 inches and my head feels TONS better. I have very heavy hair. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Keeping busy!

I've been busy hard at work. I've been coming up with new headband styles and new bows. I will also be listing different patriotic bows through out the week! Keep checking.
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Aqua chocolate headband, great for toddlers and up! Will look great w/ many outfits!

Patriotic loops! Great and unique bow for Memorial day and the 4th of July.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Get Free shipping

All right you guys, for a limited time only, if you spend $15 or more in my shop, you will receive free shipping!!!! This does not apply to flip flops, but everything else in the store is fine! It is also only for residents of USA.

Take advantage before it's too late. :) There are new bows added all the time, and starting next week, I'll be listing patriotic bows. Perfect time to get ready for Memorial day and the 4th of July. I've been hard at work making unique designs especially for you!!!!
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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm in love with this headband. It was so fun to make and I just love the paisley!
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New bows!

Have you checked out the shop lately?! Lots of new stuff is being added...
Here's 2 of our new ones:

Spring is here! Perfect combination of ribbon and silk flower.
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Zebra fun! Love the colors of this one. This one comes with a matching headband.
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