Thursday, September 22, 2011

Coffee goodness

Towards the end of my pregnancy coffee started making me sick. I hated giving it up, but it just wasn't worth it. Then after my daughter was born I drank it sporadically. Well now I've been drinking it daily, I NEED the caffeine. Plus I have found 2 new addictive creamers. I have been on the hunt for these for a long time and my grocery store finally had it. I even paid full price for them, I never buy creamer w/out coupons. lol

This one is SO good and smells delicious. It is like drinking a cinnamon roll. lol

This is my new weakness. You see, I LOVE LOVE LOVE chocolate/coconut combined. My favorite candybar is the mounds. So when I saw this, I HAD to try it. When you open it, all you smell is chocolate/coconutty goodness. I am addicted. Just writing about it is making me want some mounds coffee. lol

I am thinking of writing International delight and asking them to make these a permanent edition. lol I need to buy more and keep it in my fridge.

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  1. I LOVE creamer in my coffee! I was lucky enough to happen on one of those "test our product we'll give you a coupon" thing at the grocery store for the Bailey's Irish Creamer. Apparently the lady was ready to close up shop and nobody had taken her $1.00 off coupons so when I took one politely she said I could have them all! I have about 30 and they don't expire until January! It makes the creamer $.98 at Wal-Mart! Totally worth it!