Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday etsy finds

My sister is throwing me a baby shower in 2 weeks. I'm SO excited. I love the theme and colors she picked, which she picked for me b/c those are my colors.. It's zebra print/ pink. so cute! So she went on etsy to look for invitations and found this amazing shop. She shared with me and it's an amazing shop. I have the invitations in my hand and they are beautiful!!! Absolutely worth the money. Babyfreshdesigns has baby birth announcements, shower invitations, wedding invitations, save the date and so much more! Check it out and be ready to see many cute things!

I was left speechless when I saw these invitations and can't wait for the shower guests to see them too. :) Take some time and go check out babyfreshdesigns. :)


  1. I have an etsy shop:

    I'd love if you posted about it some time :)

  2. Those have got to be some of the CUTEST cards ever! I have a slight love with zebra print and pink :)