Thursday, June 16, 2011

32 weeks- 8 months

Holy cow I can hardly believe it. 8 weeks to go. Right now we are just praying that we make it to 8 weeks, after our scare earlier this week. I'm feeling much better, making sure I stay hydrated and I finally have my appetite back! I have been taking it easy, or trying to. If I do too much the contractions come. Yesterday I spent the day slowly folding laundry. Thankfully we had a huge pile of clean laundry, so all I had to do was sit in bed and fold. Then I put it away, which pretty much took all day b/c doing a lot of movement wears me out, takes my breath away.

But here we are, 32 weeks. It feels like I've been pregnant forever, but then again seems like only yesterday we saw that little blue plus sign :) It's been so fun to share this experience w/ not only my husband, but with my daughter. She likes to talk about baby sister and sometimes will even lift my shirt to "see" her. lol
Anytime she sees a baby at church or something she asks if that's baby sister. I can't wait till she can finally hold her!

Nothing else is going on... Just trying to hang in there. We're trying to get everything ready for baby's arrival. The playroom should be ready w/in the next week or so. Then we will start on their bedroom. Daddy has started staining baby girl's new bed, so she can give up the crib. She's very excited about her big girl bed. :)

I can't wait till next month, I'll have 2 showers, for 2 straight weekends. :) I'm excited b/c I know my mom and sister have been buying stuff and I'm so curious to see all the neat girly things they're getting...

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