Thursday, June 9, 2011

31 weeks

I have to admit I had a bit of a freak out moment this week. I looked at the counter and realized that the weeks are slowly coming to an end and I am NOT ready! everyone keeps saying, "oh you just need diapers and a pack and play"... Ok, the rational side of me agrees, I don't need to go all out and I can slowly start doing the girls room and whatnot.. BUT I am not rational and like things done now. lol Therefore I created a to do list, it's LONG! Hoping to get started on some tonight. One of the big things is my husband is painting a twin bed for my daughter and we keep going back and forth on stain or painting it white. The baby's furniture is cherry, so I'd like the bed to match. Then I need to find an armoire to match. BUT I LOVE white furniture and thought that I could just have cherry and white furniture in the room. That room has always had both color furniture. I wish I could paint the baby furniture white, but alas, I am not that brave. lol

Anyways, I've been experiencing a lot of Braxton Hicks lately, mostly from overdoing it. I usually have to sit down and drink lots of water before they go away. The other day it took forever for them to go away b/c my toddler was asking for this and that and I had to keep getting up to give her lunch and what not..

I've been craving a lot of coke lately. I've given up coffee. It was aggravating my heartburn and making me so sick. I HATE that I can't have coffee every morning. BUT it's only temporary. I still can't have any mexican either. But thankfully I haven't had to give up chocolate :)
I'm still waiting on the results from my 3 hour glucose test. I meant to call my doctor yesterday to ask but forgot. It's been a week, so I'm hoping that since they haven't called me, that it's good news. :) I CANNOT take that test again. With my first pregnancy I passed the 3 hour test the first time.. Then at 34 weeks my doctor found sugar in my urine and I was forced to retake the test. I was diagnosed w/ Gestational diabetes. I am holding my breath and hoping the same thing doesn't happen here. I've taken the 3 hour test twice this pregnancy.

Other than majorly nesting, nothing else has changed. Just getting excited to meet my baby girl.

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  1. I love white baby furniture too! If we hadn't gotten all of ours barely used from a friend I would have gotten a white crib :)

    And I understand about the braxton hicks! I've been having them consistently for over 2 weeks now. The doctors told me that they're real contractions and if they get any closer to come in. But in the same breath he said they could last a few MORE weeks! GRR! Luckily it's all going to be worth it in the end :)