Friday, June 3, 2011

30 weeks

Wow, 30 sounds crazy!!! In about 2 months or so I will be holding my baby girl in my arms.
Things are going ok. We're still working on getting the house ready for her arrival. We've had so much other stress and things pop up that having a baby has not been our top priority. I know that sounds awful, but after the day we had yesterday (read 2 posts below) right now we are just trying not to fall apart.
We are very excited for her arrival and can't wait for our girls to meet.

Here I am at 30 weeks. :)

On Wednesday we had our very first 4D ultrasound. It was amazing! Seeing her move around was just so overwhelming and I was just filled w/ so much love. She was so cute and kept putting her hand over her face, so I had to move around to make her move so we could see her face. lol She was asleep and kept moving all over the place. It was neat to see my stomach jump and then see how she was moving to make that happen. lol She is mainly a puncher, her hands are both by her head.

She kept yawning and sticking her tongue out, it was absolutely precious.

This week I had my 3 hour glucose test, I am anxiously awaiting the results. My cravings have changed completely, I can't stand any meat, and mexican food makes me so sick, I can't even think of eating it. I've been craving sandwiches a lot, with lunchmeat. So at least that's something. lol I've had a lot of morning sickness, mainly at night and heartburn. SO thankful for tums!

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  1. I love that picture of her sticking her tounge out-that's priceless! I think you have to frame that for her room :)