Thursday, June 30, 2011

34 weeks

These weeks seem to be flying by.. And stressing me out b/c nothing is ready. haha! I have to laugh so I don't cry. Hubby is still working on staining my toddler's twin bed and hopefully we'll get the mattress by the weekend. Baby sister will be in a pack and play in our room until she sleeps through the night. I think I want to get the pack and play set up by the weekend, just to ease my mind. lol
I have 2 showers coming up. My sister is throwing one on the 9th, I cannot wait!!! And my friend is throwing another shower the following weekend. I'm so excited to celebrate baby sister!

Baby sister has been very active.. Last night my belly was lopsided, so I poked the higher side and she moved. lol I have no idea how she's laying at this point b/c she moves around a lot. I love it! I think that's what I'll miss the most. You know, I am the nut that loves being pregnant. This pregnancy has just flown by, I'm nervous about having 2 kids, but so excited to meet my little troublemaker. She's also been either elbowing me or kneeing me.. It kinda hurts, but funny at the same time. It'll poke out so I poke back :)

Thankfully the contractions seem to have stopped. I get real bad ones, but sporadic, if I over do it. SO I'm taking it easy, cleaning up slowly and not forcing myself to do things like I was before. The heartburn seems to be getting worse, so I may call my doc and ask for a prescription b/c tums is doing nothing.

Nothing else is going on, just continuing to be in awe at how close to the end we are. Still praying we make it to August, which seeing as how I've been doing better, I can see it happening. I know July will fly by so hopefully we'll get everything done and ready for her arrival.

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  1. ugh, tums did absolutely nothing for me either. I'm glad your contractions are better!