Friday, July 8, 2011

Mommy's Big Girl

We have about a month or so to go before baby sister's arrival. So tonight, with my dad's help, we got baby girl's new mattresses and set up her new big girl bed. She is both excited and I think a bit nervous to sleep in her big girl bed. She is surrounded by pillows, just in case. lol She kept asking for her old bed, which is still in her room. It's set up as a toddler bed, but we are converting it back to a crib for baby sister. So now begins the process of teaching her that's baby sister's bed. She seemed ok-ish with it.

So here's the bed set up. Daddy did such a good job staining this bed. He stained it twice b/c I didn't like the first color. lol Such a good husband to put up w/ my insanities.

Here's her bed all made up. I love the toile bedding. It's so dainty and girly. :) I can't wait to teach her how to make up her bed.

The theme in their room is Toile, which I LOVE! I used it for baby girl's room, and it'll stay that way now that the girls will share a room.
My husband, the artist, drew these pictures for me to match the room. I told him if he drew it, I'd paint it. I figured it'd be easy to trace the pencil lines with pink paint. I was so nervous at first, but enjoyed painting it. And the best part was getting to do a project with my hubby. :) I came up with the idea of doing 1 big picture, but in 4 canvases..

All done...


  1. I LOVE that bedding! SO cute!

    And I love that you and your hubby did those canvases. They are amazing!