Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Shower #1

This past weekend my sister threw me an awesome shower! I was so overwhelmed by all the beautiful gifts I got and she did a great job decorating! When I asked her where she got the decorations and my gifts, she had 1 answer: ETSY! :)

The table with the wonderful food. My favorite part was the centerpiece. It's a beautiful diaper cake that I will be sad to take apart.. For now it's still in my dining room :) It's too pretty to take apart. Check out Oh Baby! Diaper cakes for lots of cute diaper cakes!!!

See, this cake is just too cute to take apart. My toddler keeps walking by it and asking to eat some. hahaha

Here I am with my hostess! :) I am the one on the right...

For cute diaper cakes, check out Oh Baby! Diaper cakes. You can find her on etsy and facebook.

Click here for etsy.
Click here for her facebook page.

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