Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today I am 38 weeks. These past few weeks have been hard on me, I'm exhausted and just have the "done" feeling. However, my doctor is out of town until the 1st, so I can't hope to go into labor. lol I want him to deliver her, he's been my doctor for over a decade, so it's special to me to have him there. :)

I've been having contractions on and off, but nothing extreme or to cause alarm. I'm in pain, discomfort, and just ready. I will miss being pregnant. I keep looking at my belly, watching it dance as baby sister moves, I'll miss it. BUT I am looking forward to holding my sweet girl and watching big sister take on her new role.

My heartburn has been the same. Some days are better than others. I have to watch what I eat and am careful b/c if I eat the wrong thing, I suffer all night. Some of you may remember that at 31 weeks I ended up in the hospital w/ dehydration and contractions 1 minute apart. Ever since then I haven't been eating that much. I eat 2 meals a day, my body can't handle more than that. It's usually lunch and dinner. Lunch is my biggest meal. I usually don't eat what I cook for dinner, I live off sandwiches. lol I actually haven't really cooked in over a week. I've been so nauseous I just haven't felt like looking at food. My hubby has been so good at just eating whatever, he's awesome!

Nothing else is going on... My daughter the other day wanted the baby to come out so they could play. It was so cute. :) I cannot wait to see them together.

I love seeing 2 carseats in our backseat :)

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