Saturday, July 23, 2011

bad weekend/good weekend

Today is Saturday, I am 37.2 weeks pregnant. We are trying to get everything ready for baby girl's arrival. Daddy's version of nesting is to sod the front yard. lol Our sod was supposed to be delivered this morning, but they called early and said they couldn't deliver b/c their machine broke. So it won't be delivered till Wednesday.. :( Add to that on Friday we were supposed to get our maternity/family pictures done but it rained all night so no pictures... When we woke up today it just felt like nothing was going right... BUT the weekend turned around, our family came over to visit for a while. My sister in law helped me wash the car seat, it looks brand new! We all had lunch together at firehouse, yum! My daughter got to play with her cousin, who is 18 months younger. It's so cute to watch them play together.

Right now my mother in law and hubby are leveling out our front yard and preparing it for the sod that will come later in the week. I'm sitting on the couch thinking about baby girl's arrival, thinking about what she'll look like... I am still dreading leaving big sister for 3 days, but she'll be in safe hands w/ daddy. I feel like all we're doing is waiting. lol Right now I really want to set up the pack and play, but I'm scared. I keep thinking that once it's set up then she will make an early arrival. lol

Here I am, first pregnancy 35 weeks vs second pregnancy 36 weeks

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