Sunday, July 24, 2011

clock is ticking

It's a rainy Sunday afternoon, my daughter and I are sitting on the couch watching her new favorite, angelina ballerina. I am fighting some nausea thanks to this cursed heartburn. Daddy is taking a nap.
I sit here with the number 37.3 staring me in the face. I can't believe how close we are. It seems like we just found out we were expecting again. We kept our pregnancy a secret for over 2 weeks because we wanted to tell our family on Christmas day.

Anyways, yesterday I went crazy nesting mode. We had my inlaws come and hang out for a while. My sister in law is the master of putting together stuff. When I had big sister, my sis in law put together our high chair and toy box. Yesterday when she was here, she took apart the car seat and washed it for me, then put it back together. I had started taking it apart but got overwhelmed. That type of stuff is not my forte. lol So the carseat is all nice and clean and I went ahead and installed it in the car. It's weird to see 2 car seats in the backseat. I did manage to take apart the swing and both bouncy seats, washed it and put it back together. :) To be honest, even though this is my 2nd child, I honestly did not know that I could take that stuff apart and wash. lol I'm excited to use my double stroller, and big sister loves sitting in it. lol

I also set up the pack and play last night. I was nervous to do that, but am glad I did. It ended up that it's missing 2 parts, 1 to hold up the bassinet part, and 1 that holds up the changing pad part. Thankfully a friend has the parts and is no longer using it, so she's giving it to me. :)
I think it needs more pink in there! ;)

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  1. The heartburn will soon get better, right after the baby's born. At the moment she is pushing everything either up or down, which causes pressure on the stomach and the bladder. Fortunately you don’t have very much longer to wait.
    I had 3 girls and each one is so unique and so different from her sisters. I know you're looking forward to the arrival of that new little cherub.

    Hope this summer heat isn’t too bad where you are. It’s been pretty beastly down here in South Florida. Yuck ! Wishing you the very best.