Friday, April 8, 2011

Show Us Your life - Mother's day/Father's Day Ideas

I've had 2 mother's day as mom. The first year, my husband took me to breakfast, then we spent the day running around visiting both our moms. Last year we skipped church (which I hated) went to the zoo with my mother in law, then met my family for ice cream. As much as I love our moms, I always feel like I miss out b/c we are always trying to make sure we spend time w/ both our moms. So this year, I'd like to celebrate with each mom on separate days (Friday and Saturday) and then have Sunday to myself. Is that selfish?! :) I don't know what I want as far as gifts.. I really just want a day with my husband and daughter, just to relax and be together, the 3 of us.
Last year my husband surprised me with a gift I had been wanting. I wanted a ring, engraved with my daughter's name and her birthstone, Topaz. He got the ring from Zales and I LOVE it. I wear it everyday! Now, the one thing I didn't plan was to add to it. lol I will either have to get another ring for my 2nd daughter or get a type of ring that's stackable and replace it all together. I'll worry about it next year, my 2nd daughter won't be born till August (which I hate that birthstone, it's mine as well, lol)

Here's my ring I got last year. I got it in silver, with a yellow topaz stone. My daughter's first name is on one side, middle name in the other side.

I haven't found a ring for multiple children that I like.. This year I want a digital frame. I LOVE pictures and I'm out of frame space, so a digital frame would be perfect. :)

For Father's day, we go to church, then meet my family for lunch. My father in law lives far away from us, so we never get to see him. My husband's first Father's day I gave him a clay heart with my daughter's handprint. Last year I gave him a "dad" shirt and a "Daddy's little angel" shirt for my daughter. This year, I'm not sure what we're doing.

The best part about either holiday is spending the morning in church. Our pastor always preaches an amazing sermon targeted to moms and dads. :)

So there you have it. We keep it simple around here.
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  1. I am all for it.... I mean, meeting a day other than Sunday. Dunno what I would wanna do it though. Gotta think about it.

  2. That's what we're doing, sort of. We're spending time with J's mom 2 weeks before and then Mother's Day is all about me this year. :)