Thursday, April 28, 2011

25 weeks

Here I am on Easter Sunday, 24. 3 weeks. I feel so huge all of a sudden, I feel like she has taken over my entire belly. lol But that's ok, that's what she's suppose to do :) I have been eating more and more, I always feel hungry. lol I'm trying to watch my carbs intake, to avoid gestational diabetes.. I'll be tested again in about 4 weeks or so. Baby sister is moving around a lot lately. I think she finally move up, she had been sitting so low for so long. I love watching my belly move as she moves. :) I've been getting her clothes ready, I've taken out all of big sister's clothes and gone through it and I've bought baby a few things. I need more newborn stuff, so I'm been on shopping mode. lol

My cravings have not changed. Still love Moe's, cheese, chocolate and coke :) I ALWAYS crave chocolate. I never did w/ my first I actually have chocolate cake sitting on my kitchen counter, constantly calling my name. :) It's SO good, I love cake. Not much has changed. I think I've been on nesting mode these past few days, so my house is actually staying clean. :) I love it!

We're working on getting the girls room ready. Right now we're finishing up redoing our bedroom, then we'll focus our attention on the girls room and also turning the sunroom into the playroom. So excited!!

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  1. how exciting! I love looking at belly bumps :) and I totally understand that whole "low sitting" thing...our baby has been as low as possible since I started showing! the doctor even joked last week that he doesn't think I'll be one of the mom's who experiences the baby "falling" before labor...I said if he falls any further down he's coming out!

    and I understand the chocolate craving...I'm a chocoholic and this pregnancy has just put me into overdrive!