Thursday, April 7, 2011

The great Outdoors

My daughter LOVES playing outside.. She has a little playhouse in the backyard that she calls "castle" so she loves to play in it... Then we run around chasing each other. Though I am usually chasing her with a camera. :) I am not an outdoor person at all, I HATE the outside. BUT my daughter is like her daddy, an outdoor person, she loves going out anywhere. In fact, almost every morning she asks me to go out somewhere. lol Thankfully we are zoo members, so I take her there often. Since she likes to be outside, I make it a point to take her outside as much as possible. She has so much fun and it's so great to watch her little face light up when she's playing outside. I will say that lately I do like being outside, but mainly just b/c I like to take pictures of different things, mainly my daughter. :)

The other day we went outside and she picked flowers for me. It was so cute! She absolutely loves flowers and has to smell everyone of them.

Stopping to smell the flowers...

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