Friday, April 15, 2011


Our yard has been overtaken by grasshoppers.. My daughter of course loves to go watch them. She freaks out when they start hopping, but she does like to watch them. I love to take her outside to play, I wish we had a swing set for her. But she loves to run around, pick flowers and just have fun. She is an outdoor girl, which is the opposite of me b/c I hate being outside. lol I make an effort to take her outside more often but there's only so much I can do with her in our boring yard. lol

Watching the grasshoppers

Those little suckers have taken over my yard

Flower picking :)


  1. EW! They really have taken over! I don't mind looking at them from a distance, but I'm with your daughter-I don't want them hopping all over me!

  2. Well the problem is when they get big, they are SO ugly. lol So my hubby wants to get rid of them while they're still small..