Tuesday, November 6, 2012

birthday party crafts

I had SO much fun planning my baby's 4th birthday.  She requested a halloween party, so I happily obliged.  

Here is the table set up with the food, cupcakes and lots of candy.  My wonderful friend made my banner for me and I loved it!

I wrapped up tootsie roll pops and put them in this clay pot.  I bought the clay pot at Joann's, spray painted it white and painted the eyes and mouth. :)  

We had some games to entertain the kids.  This is ghost bowling.  SUPER easy to make.  I bought the TP at the $1 store.  The used black paint to paint eyes and a mouth.  Stack them up, use a pumpkin to bowl :)

 I borrowed these wine glasses from my sister, from $1 store.  My friend used her cricut and cut our some spiders and the #4.  I taped it to the glass.  I wrapped ribbon and black feather to the bottom of the glass. 

 Bean bag toss!  I made 2 bean bags look like ghost.  All I did was cut out white fabric, put beans inside, painted the eyes and mouth.  Voila.  Hubby painted the candycorn for me on a cardboard box.   
 My hubby playing the bean bag toss game.  Next to it is the ring toss game.  I did not make that one, my sweet mil did.  I know she used posterboard and party hats that she painted black to make it look like witches hat.  Other than that, I have no idea how it was made. lol

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