Monday, November 5, 2012

Girlie day

I LOVE to shop :)  And my oldest loves it also.  We had a great day, we went shopping, got some good deals.  Daddy is working late today, so I am sitting here finishing a movie with my girls before bedtime. Side note, this past weekend was my baby's 4th birthday.  We got her Cinderella and Tinkerbell secret of wings.  Today at Target we got Monsters Vs. Aliens for $5! For our viewing pleasure, she chose the alien movie instead of the girly movies. lol

I absolutely LOVE the new shopping carts at our target.  Baby sis was over shopping at this point. lol

 I LOVE anything zebra print and fell in love with these shoes.. Sadly I didn't get them, I was spending too much money already :(

 Big sis LOVES peacocks.  She got a duplicate birthday gift, so when I returned it, all she wanted was a peacock littlest pet shop. lol  I happily obliged. 
 After dinner we took baths, then I painted the girls toesies.  I love girly nights with my girls. :)

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