Thursday, November 8, 2012

pinterest inspired

Pinterest has become my "go to" place.  Anytime I want an idea for house decor or crafts, that's where I spend HOURS looking :)
I owe a lot of my fall decor to pinterest... I love it!

I saw this project on pinterest, it's just beans and lentils.  I found most of what I needed at target, each vase took 1-2 bags, each bag around $1.  The yellow split peas were HARD to find, and I didn't find them until recently, by accident, at wal mart.
I put this on one side of my mantel.

 I fell in LOVE with this when I saw it on pinterest.  Everything was bought at the $1 store.  Upside down wine glasses with little gourds inside.  Then a candle on top.  I added pizzazz with ribbon and feathers :)  This is also on my mantel.
 My mother in law found this pinecone garland project in a home goods or something magazine.  I thought it looked amazing on my mantel. :)  I bought the "autumn" sign 50% off at Joann's, and the wicker pumpkins from Target.  This is my favorite mantel decoration I've ever done :)  I LOVE fall!

I looked up some crafting projects to do with my daughter and found this cute little turkey. I had everything at home.  She thought it was hilarious.  I have a TON of fall projects pinned that I can't wait to do with her! 

If you haven't joined pinterest, you should! It's amazing for cleaning tips, organizing ideas, recipes, crafts, sewing and SO much more!!!!! 

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