Thursday, November 1, 2012


I found a pattern for a peacock costume online and used it to make my girls costumes! :)  I loved how they came out :)

The supplies- I bought 4 different color tulle.  Blue, green teal, brown.
Then the same color felt.

Cut out the felt to make it look like feathers

I sewed the green to the brown to and the stitches makes it look like a feather.  Each tutu has 9 of these. Once this is done, you hot glue the dark blue "eye" to the lighter blue.  Then hot glue that to the green.

 Starting to put the tulle on the headband (I used a crochet headband for the waist).  I used brown for the front with some teal accents.
The tutu- almost done!  The back is longer than the front, with the green, blue, teal.  I found a sparkly blue tulle I had at home and added some strands of that to the back.
When you finish the feather, measure ribbon to the length of the tulle in the back, hot glue the feathers to the ribbon.  I did 3 strands, with 3,4,3 feather.  The tie the ribbon to the back of the tutu.  ALL DONE!!!!! 
Here we are on halloween.  2 peacocks- I also made a matching headpiece :)  And we are birdwatchers.

 The back :)

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