Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Saturday is my daughter's 4th birthday.  We always do a small family party, this year was the first year my daughter asked for something specific, and I happily complied.  She asked for a halloween birthday :)  I found this cute ghost pops on pinterest, and did the same.
I bought tootsie roll pops, wrapped it in white fabric, tied a bow, then painted eyes and a mouth.  Super cute!  I plan on putting them in a clay pot that I've painted to look like a ghost. :) Pictures of that will be posted when it's all finished.  For now, here's the ghost pops, which will be the party favors, as well as cute table decor ;)

The supplies needed- I bought 1/2 yd of white fabric and cut it to size.
wrapping the pops

 Adding the face...

 All ready and good to go :) It was such an easy craft! 

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