Monday, November 12, 2012

Mommy's girls...

I love shopping.  Some of my best memories with my mom and sister is our shopping trips.  We'd spend hours at the mall browsing and buying stuff.  Now I get to do that with my girls.  Going out with my oldest is getting super fun as she gets older.  The baby is still a bit too young to enjoy shopping trips. :)  
Yesterday I took big sis for some mommy/daughter time.  We went to several different stores in search of boots for baby sis and then we went to Joann's for some fabric.  I'll be working on a new dress for the girls this week!
Mommy and big sis waiting in line to get our fabric cut.
 All the fabric we'll need for some cute dresses! 
 This little one cracks me up! She LOVES jewelry.  She saw her necklace on the shelf and kept mumbling something and pointing to the point of freaking out!  I realized what she wanted, put it on her and she was as happy as a clam. :)  

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