Thursday, March 31, 2011


Easter is coming. Our daughter's first Easter, she was 6 months old. I didn't do anything for her, I never thought about it... Last year, she was about 1 1/2 years old, so I made her an Easter basket and we also had a mini Easter egg hunt at home. She loved looking for the plastic eggs. This year, I'm kinda stumped. I'm not sure what to do for her Easter basket. I was planning on getting her a pair of earrings, she can only wear gold with the safety backs, so I've had a hard time finding those. She also loves M&M's, so I'd put some in her basket as well... But I'm not sure what else to do. What do you guys put in your kids Easter baskets?

Have you guys seen this little cutie, perfect for this season :)

Check out this bow here.

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  1. My mom always made it a point to give me 1 practical thing (a dress, bathing suit, sandals,etc.) some candy and a book (typically a bible story). Then she'd make sure I had a new Easter dress, we'd decorate real eggs and an egg hunt to finish it off. We also always had a meal to celebrate the day. This probably doesn't help much but I thought I'd share!