Thursday, March 24, 2011

1/2 way!

Today I am 20 weeks. Half way there! I'm so excited. Some of my friends have recently had babies, and it's making it hard not to get anxious to see my precious girl. I know it'll be here before I know it, these past 20 weeks have flown by. lol August just seems so far away... We still have a lot to do before her arrival, so I'm not in a big hurry. I just want to hold my baby, and her big sister is very excited as well. Today she asked to go see baby sister. lol Not quite sure what she meant by that.

Thinking about baby sister's birth reminds me of how much my life changed 2 1/2 years ago, when big sister was born. It was the best day ever! seeing her for the first time, holding her. It was just amazing. Watching her grow is bittersweet. I look at her and I can't believe that she's 2! It just flew by! It makes me kinda sad thinking that she won't be my "baby" anymore. She'll be my big girl. So I treasure every "baby" moment with her that I can. Like rocking her to sleep, yes she asks me to rock her every night, and every night I do so with gladness as I hold back tears. I just stare into her eyes and sing to her as I rock her. I guess she likes it too b/c she asks for it every night :) I know it'll be harder to do once baby sister is born, but I'll figure it out. I know there will come a day where she won't let me rock her anymore.. So I'll keep doing it. :)

Anyways, the other day a friend had her daughter and looking at her pictures made me sad that it feels like so long ago that I experienced that with my daughter. But excited to do it again soon!
This was taken the day my daughter was born, still feels like yesterday...


  1. Beautiful picture. I couldn't agree with you more than if I wrote this post myself.
    This is all so true. Its sad to think back at how fast our little ones are growing up. But like you I'm so excited to meet my new little miss.
    I'm glad your doing good and getting excited. Happy 20 weeks. Halfway there. It will fly by now. :)

  2. hey, you were my little one yesterday, now you are having your little ones