Tuesday, March 29, 2011

rough week

Did you have a cold when you were pregnant? Oh my word, I truly think that colds are magnified when one is pregnant. During my first pregnancy, I had a cold for like a month and felt awful! This time around, I had a cold right when I found out I was pregnant and couldn't take anything. Now I have a cold again, taking some sudafed, but it's only helping with the congestion. My throat is raw, I'm coughing so much I get nauseous. Cough drops make me nauseous. So anyone have any advice on how to make this pesky cold go away!? I'd love to feel normal again...
Thanks :)


  1. Oh no bless your heart. I had a cold earlier this pregnancy as well and your right it was way worse than the ones I've had in the past. Its horrible because you can't really take much or do anything about it.
    I just stayed down for days, took warm steamy showers and took the cough medicine ok'd by my ob. I sure hope your able to get to feeling better fast. :(

  2. thanks. :) I can't wait to feel better.