Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Shopping fun...

This has been a fun week, so far :) Yesterday my mom and I, along with my daughter went to the outlet mall close to our hometown. They have a Carter's outlet and we went crazy in there! :) I got my daughter a few things, and then bought 1 outfit for baby sister. It was very hard to contain myself. lol BUT although Carter's has MANY cute things, and great prices, I was not overly impressed w/ size 3T and up. The baby things are awesome and I wish I could buy everything. But my daughter is in 3T now and I wasn't able to find much for her. Since I am building up her entire summer wardrobe, the shopping will continue! :) I love shopping for her. Where do you shop for your toddler???

I love this dress on her!

And for other fun news, BOWquet has been featured. Read all about it here! :)

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