Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is here!

I'm so excited that spring is here!!! I've been busy buying my daughter some new clothes and making new bows for her and the shop. I wanted to share with you some of my new favorite bows that I've recently listed. They're perfect for all those cute spring otufits!! :)

This Easter Bunny is listed for $5. Check it out on etsy :)

Another one perfect for Easter! Listed at $4, check it our on etsy.

Cute butterfly, I will be making more colors! Listed on etsy for $4.

Butterfly is on sale for 20% off TODAY ONLY!
Check out BOWquet on etsy for more bows!! :)


  1. Those are sooo cute!!! So far I have made a three layered loopy bow, a simple boutiqe bow, and a simple pinwheel bow. So far the loopy bow is my favorit, and I still have to practice all of then to get them even. I would love to beable to get good enough to have my own Etsy store!! But I haven't had much time to practice lately.

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