Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Nightmares, exhaustion, baby...

Today has been an exhausting day. I did not get a lot of sleep last night b/c my toddler keeps waking up w/ nightmares. She woke up about 6 times in 6 hours.. It was very hard to get out of bed this morning. BUT I had an early doctor's appt, so I had to get up. I am not a morning person, and I do not like to be disturbed in my sleep. I get really mean and angry, worse than the Hulk. lol Alas, I went to my doctor's appt, which thankfully took less than 1 hour, as opposed to the 2+ it had been taking (the morning appt's are much quicker). It was pretty funny b/c my doctor could NOT track down the baby to listen to the heartbeat, after several tries he looks at me and says "I give up, let's just do an ultrasound". To which I said, "of course!" Now, at almost 13 weeks, I've had 5 ultrasounds :) No complaints here! I love seeing my baby grow. So I got to see the baby, who is VERY active, and saw the heartbeat. I asked the doctor to check in b/t it's legs so we could see what it was, but he said it's too soon :/ I am just dying to know!!! But we'll find out in 5 weeks, it'll be here soon!

I wish I could stop my daughter's nightmares. I HATE having to wake up so often through the night.. But I will do what I have to to console her. I just feel bad that she is going through this.

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