Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sick day

For the past 4 months or so my 2 year old daughter has been fighting a cold on and off. It's been very annoying b/c anytime she gets better, she gets sick again. The joys of church nursery on Sundays.. lol This is the most sick she's been in her short 2 years. A few months ago we had to buy a thermometer for her, we had never needed one before. At that point she had low grade fevers.

For the past week or so she's been very snotty w/ a bit of a cough. There's not much to do as far as cold medicine goes for a cold. We've been doing what we can to help her get over it, but all the kids in our church seem to keep sharing their cooties... Yesterday afternoon, I noticed that she was a bit lethargic. I touched her and she was very warm, took her temp, 99 something. We monitored her the rest of the night, by the time she went to bed she was miserable, and her temp was at 100. Within a few hours she was at 102. I was so worried and hated how sick she was. Her face was RED and she was so hot! I just wanted to kiss her and hold her all night. We gave her some motrin, which she threw up, when she woke up this morning she was back at 100. She's more like herself today, but still has a temp of 100. And has no appetite. I hate seeing her like this. I am so thankful that I can be at home with her and take care of her.

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