Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday etsy Finds (sort of)

Do you have an etsy shop? Do you struggle getting your name "out there"? There's a great blog that can help get your etsy shop noticed! Creative Minds works hard to promote and get your shop seen! It's also a fun blog to sit and read :) She has lots of etsy shops listed on her site, so if you need to go shopping and need a trustworthy shop, check out her blog or ask her about it!

Check out Creative Minds and tell her BOWquet sent you! ;)


  1. I love her blog!
    The exposure your get for your shop is great. She does all the leg work for you so you have more time to craft.

    And if I need to purchase a gift I go there to see what she has found.
    That saves me time.
    That saved time I use to craft more :o)