Monday, February 21, 2011

New decor

I am so excited today! Why? There is a wall in my daughter's room that has been completely empty for her 2 years in there. lol I've left it that way b/c daddy wanted to do a painting for her room. Well, we couldn't decide what he'd paint. Mainly b/c we wanted different things. He has recently opened his own etsy shop where he sells kids prints. It is easy for him to paint the "boy" bedroom paintings, being that he's a boy. lol And now he has an easier time w/ "girl" bedroom paintings because of our daughter. :) SO with that said, we got 2 11x14 paintings for her room from his shop, bought beautiful frames today and hung them. It looks SO great in her room :) One of the exciting parts is that we got the frames at a great sale price at Michaels.
What do you guys think?

One of them is the little girl having a tea party, the other is the little girl pretending to be a princess. She loves having them in her room! Check out his shop for these and more prints! :)

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