Friday, February 18, 2011

TGIF/ cleaning

I love Fridays!!! :) It means that hubby will be home and we'l have all weekend together :) And I'm so excited he has Monday off too, so we'll have a family day!

These past 2 days I've been busy! I'm catching up on 5 weeks of cleaning. Sigh I was on bedrest for about 2 weeks or so, then I've been struggling to get stuff done b/c I'm having such a hard time with this pregnancy. BUT we have people coming over on Sunday, so I HAVE to clean. lol At least the house is getting clean. I'm almost caught up with laundry. It's a miracle! I found my bedroom while doing laundry :) Amazing how much cleaner it looks. Now I have to move on to the rest of the house.
I love the smell of lysol as I mop the floors. :) It's my fave! And my new favorite supply is clorox wipes, makes cleaning so much easier. And I'm all about the pledge. I think dusting is my favorite chore. Am I weird? lol
What is your favorite cleaning supply???

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