Friday, October 26, 2012

Pumpkin seeds...

A few days ago hubby carved our pumpkin, it was the first time we've used a stencil and carving tools, so the pumpkin came out so pretty!  Usually we just do a typical Jack O lantern. lol  My oldest loves any flying animal, LOVES dragons, so that's what daddy chose. :)

My wonderful husband over estimates my skills.  He asked me to roast the pumpkin seeds, but he wanted them sweet.  So off I went to look for a recipe.  Last year I hated how I roasted them, so I was nervous.  But I aim to please, so I found a recipe at and tried it.  It came out SO good!  From now on, I'll only make it this way :) I had everything at home and it was super easy.  All you need is sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar, margarine, and salt.  Here's the recipe.

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