Saturday, October 6, 2012

Moms in pictures

Have you guys read this article about the mom that stays in the picture?  It was very convicting.  You see, I HATE being in pictures.  I always feel like I take horrible pictures for one reason or another.  I LOVE taking pictures, so there are HUNDREDS of pictures of my 2 beauties, there are probably hundreds of pictures and videos of daddy with the girls.  But very few pics of mommy and I don't think there are any videos.  SO my goal is to work on getting in front of the camera more often ;)  When my girls are older, I want them to be able to see whatI was like. :)

I took this cell phone picture the day we took our cat to the vet.  I think it's comical, the baby wouldn't stop crying and my oldest was just silly. lol

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