Tuesday, October 23, 2012

making a Bow holder

My sister in law is having a baby girl, due in December.  This will be her 2nd one, so in this side of the family, there will be 4 granddaughters..There are no boys. lol  Nona and Poppy love the girls and follow the mantra "girls rule" :)

I made my first niece a bow holder and lots of bows, so of course this little girl needed her very own :)
I painted the "R" pink

The nursery is owls and birds.  So I wanted to stencil an owl on there, but then I remembered that I am married to a brilliant artist :)  So he painted a cute owl to match the room.


The R is all done, I hot glued long strands of ribbon, dressed it a bit w/ the turquoise bows (the main color of the nursery is turquoise) and voila!  All done! 

 Auntie made some bows and there you have it.  All ready for my red headed niece to wear them ;)

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