Monday, October 29, 2012

4 years, really!?

I've had friends tell me that they don't understand my feelings, but when it comes to my daughter's birthday, it is ALWAYS bittersweet!  I can't believe it's been another year.  It seems like just yesterday that she turned 3, and now, on Saturday, she turns 4!  She is super excited.  I didn't think it would hit me hard this year, I was fine, up till last night.  I was looking through her baby pictures and held back tears... I am SO thankful for the 4 years we've been blessed with, and pray for MANY more years.
She is such a fun little girl.  Her favorite color is red, she loves animals, she loves birds, her favorite is peacock.  She LOVES to draw and paint, loves puzzles.  She still carries her blankie around and sleeps with it.  I love the little girl she's becoming, she's so fun!  She is a total daddy's girl.  Recently she's coming back to me though (when baby sister is willing to share) :)

It was so amazing to finally hold my little bundle of joy!

 My beautiful first born

 Here she is through the years-visiting the pumpkin patch.

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