Thursday, October 25, 2012

Does it work?

SO we have our house on the market, our less than 1200 sqft, 3/1 has gotten small for our family of 4.  I dream of having 2 bathrooms! lol With that, hubby and I went on a cleaning frenzy the weeks preceding listing it.  I knew the entire house needed organizing and a good scrub down.  One of my biggest concern was the bathroom.  Our house was built in 1933.  The grout in the bathroom was so gross!  I had no idea how I'd clean it.. Then I saw something on a friend's pinterest page.  A simple "recipe" of bleach and baking soda.  Would it really work!?  The answer-

All you need is:
3/4 c baking soda
1/4 c bleach
an old toothbrush

Mix the baking soda and bleach together in the bowl until it forms sort of a thick paste. Then apply the paste to the dirty grout lines and scrub with your toothbrush.
Make sure to leave the paste sitting on the grout for 5-10 minutes before washing it off so the mixture can get in there and clean.
I scrubbed the grout and it's amazing how clean the the tiles look!  It looked almost new.  I mean, I was impressed!  If your grouts are looking less than desirable, give it a try ;)  
I got the instructions from practically functional

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