Monday, October 15, 2012

15 pounds

I HATE dieting!!!
After having my 1st daughter (I gained 30 lbs), I lost weight pretty quick, BUT I had about 12-15 lingering pounds.. I tried slim fast and weight watchers, but I love food too much... Then I stopped b/c we started trying to get pregnant, got pregnant and more weight.  I only gained about 20 lbs this time, lost weight even quicker, and then plateaued at the same weight I was before baby #2, the weight I couldn't get rid of, those last stinky 15 pounds!  I tend to go up and down 5 lbs, so now it's b/t 15-20 lbs, it depends on the week. hahaha Even though I haven't lost these last 15 lbs, and my old size 4's don't fit (thanks to my booty) I didn't think I looked very differently, UNTIL I saw a picture of me PRE kids. lol

SO I decided to do something about it, my goal is to lose 15 pounds and get back to my pre kids weight!

Both these pictures were taken in winter of 2007 about 3 months before I got pregnant the first time.

My plan to lose weight?  Well I DESPISE diets.  I LOVE food; sodas, chocolate, chips, CARBS!!! lol SO on Oct 3rd I gave up drinking anything but water and 1-2 cups of coffee a day.  I REFUSE to give up coffee. lol  I've also been eating yogurt for breakfast and cereal for lunch.  Then whatever I want for dinner.  I need to figure out different meals w/ little to zero carbs.  Hubby also wants to lose 15 pounds, so this week I'm on a mission to cook us some cheap but healthy meals.  So far, since Oct 3rd I've lost about 4 pounds.  I will add some working out to the mix.  I really want to lose this weight and hope that I can keep this up.  Looking at my "skinny" pictures often is a great motivator!!! :)

These are the only recent pix I have of me.  I have GOT to get rid of the pouch I have and the big booty.  Any suggestions? lol 

I would like to get some shots of me weekly to show progress.. I'll start tomorrow :)

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