Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So our dining room table is one of those tall, countertop height tables. We got it almost 6 years ago, when we first got married. I LOVE the table, BUT it's not child friendly at all. Our toddler is quickly outgrowing her high chair and we have no other place to sit her to eat.
I guess she hates the table, b/c as you can see she "broke" the chair (that's what she told me) a few months ago. Last week, she came running to me and handed me another huge piece of the leather. Yep, pretty much 1/2 of that stool is destroyed. It will take reupholstering all 6 stools to fix it. lol B/c they have to match. She has learned never to "break the chair" again.. One can only hope.

As of now, hubby and I are thinking of selling the table anyways so we can buy a regular size table w/ chairs, but we already have so much going on, it may have to wait a while. lol

Never a dull moment in our house. :)

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  1. Life is never dull with toddlers...at least she found a way to tell you that she didn't like the table-even if it wasn't a very good way. Hopefully everything will work out soon with a different table :)