Thursday, May 5, 2011

26 weeks

Today marks 26 weeks, how crazy! Lately I feel like a yoyo, I have great days, tons of energy and I am able to get a lot done. Then I'll have a bad day, usually a day or 2 after the good day, where I can't move off the couch, mainly b/c I've over done it. So I try to enjoy both, on the good days I usually clean or I'll take my daughter out. On the bad days we snuggle on the couch and watch movies. :) Can't complain much either way, right!?

Last week I experienced a first, I had major braxton hicks. I've never had it before, not even w/ my first pregnancy, so I was so caught off guard. It got so bad at one point that all I could do was sit. Now, I have to say, I felt to stupid b/c lots of women go through this, and I don't want to be a wimp. But it was pretty bad. I've had sporadic braxton hicks since, but nothing bad anymore.

I had a doctor's appt this week. He said I gained too much weight in 1 month. Yikes. So now I need to exercise, per doctor's orders 5 days a week. I find it pretty funny b/c I am so a couch potato. lol BUT I did go on a walk 2 days ago. Yesterday we spent the morning at the beach, that counts right!? lol Today I haven't done anything yet, but I will, promise! I really want to make sure I'm in shape so I can lose weight quickly once she's born. And trying to eat healthy, which is hard b/c I am such a junk food lover. lol

Not much else going on, just enjoying life and anticipating her arrival.
BTW I just took these pictures today, so it is my 26 week pictures. I'm so bad at taking pictures on the actual day.. lol


  1. You gained too much weight? I'm glad my doctor hasn't said that yet! When I went last week at 29 weeks 4 days, I had gained 20 lbs and I thought that was too much, but I guess as long as they don't say anything to me I'm in the clear! And I haven't been exercising either...I know it sounds lazy, but when I get home from work, I make dinner and then I'm pretty much D-O-N-E...I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the weight thing clears up soon :)

  2. I don't even know how much weight I've gained total, but in one month I gained 7 lbs, so I guess for a 4 week period that's too much. lol I wasn't overly happy w/ it, but I am watching what I eat so I don't know what else to do.. lol